Hexes & Oh No's
Experimental Poster Series          |         October 2017
I got hexed.
I spent the summer of 2017 in San Francisco and with few friends and connections, so I befriend a woman I met in my first week who provided a fair amount of culture shock for me. Within my first week, we gave me the cryptic prophecy that a man from my home had put a hex on me.
I’ll be honest. I was a little spooked. And was made all the more shaken when several months later, as I returned home, an ex-boyfriend confronted me after a year and a half of silence apologizing because he had “accidentally” hexed me.

So I did my research, opened my third eye, chanted…the works. 
Now, did I believe all of this. I’m not really sure, but I was fascinated as anyone could be. In my research I found that most rituals use various substances but most specifically egg, ink, and blood.
So after having several vials of my own blood drawn and consulting a Wicca colleague of mine, I created this poster as a “therapy” for anyone else who finds themselves bewitched.
The mixed lettering was meant to re-iterate my total confusion. The hand painted letters were created using a variety of inks and paints, done with my non-dominate hand and some by holding the brush with my teeth.