Bus System App Redesign
The Akron Innerbelt is a 4.5-mile six lane highway that has been underused since it was built in the early 1970’s. While it’s intention was to service the projected population influx due to the budding rubber industry, the population in Akron dwindled, as did the need for a expressway. Since 2014, a plan has been in the works to alter or destroy the highway in some capacity.
Our team was tasked with theorizing an urban plan for the pieces that would go into a community designed by several architecture and landscape design students.
The curve of the logo was derived from the curve of the Innerbelt, which is repeated throughout the rest of the brand design and the video.
My team and I devised a update to the current bus system, working with a more accurate tracking system to provide more immediate time updates. Specifically we focused on adhering to the needs of the cities various citizens through first a phone app and then the design of screens at the bus stops themselves.