Rip Me Apart
Gif Animation Based on Poetry          |         October 2017
This gif animation is a visualization of the beginning phrases of a poem, which compares cooking with the concepts of internal mental struggle and personal dissection.
Character Design
These characters were inspired by drawings and doodles that I made in high school while trying to visualize my confusion for a counselor. The characters roughly represented anger, anxiety, and mania respectively.
Poem - "Rip Me Apart" 
Written by Myself
Rip me apart.
Tear a cavity in my chest
large enough to see I’m not made of metal,
but try not to set the off the buzzer.

Split my heart in two.
Accrue a cross section
and count the rings of my parted soul.
Can you find my droughts?

Fillet my Lungs.
Pick the prime choice cut
and pare away the trachea;
then bottle my last breath.

Harvest my brain.
Snap my synapses.
I guarantee the crop is bountiful,
although I know nothing of agriculture .

Now Let Me Bleed.
A successful operation
and nothing else worth taking.

Now let me Bleed.

Spill my mercury across the floor
now that you’ve alleviated the pressure.

Now let me Bleed.

Hemorrhaging rubies all over the Persian rug;
dripping platelets on the finer china.

Now let me bleed.

Strawberry seduction escapes my lips;
roses bubbling up around my cheeks.

Now let me bleed.

Every droplet of regret wrought with envy,
As a satiating sedation fills my marrow.

And now I’m cold.