The 'New' New Frontier
Kennedy Space Center Annual Report         |         January 2018
Since NASA’s last official launch in 2011, regaining interest in space travel and NASA has been difficult. While SpaceX has been drumming up intrigue, NASA and by extension the Kennedy Space Center is falling by the way side. A creative director at NASA expressed to me that they don’t want NASA to feel like the out of touch elder to the budding generation of potential astronauts.  
My mission was to created a modernized approach to the Kennedy Space Center’s FY 2016 Annual Report. I wanted to showcase high quality and exciting photography paired with a dynamic type system and a fair amount of white space.
Smaller Pages
There are several elements that I created to make the experience of the report more hands on. Important features, such as the death of John Glenn, were highlighted in smaller blue books sitting on orange pages. In addition, the financial overview for the previous three years sits on layered pages, creating a bar graph for the yearly budget authority with their page length.
For most of the report, the bulk of the content sits below the bottom two thirds of the page to allow for more breathing room in the book. Almost all elements in the report are lined in someway to this line.
The web version of this annual report divides up the separate section of the annual report based on need. The website uses a sub border structure that the nav and sub sections of the annual report pull out of.