Watch My Six
Animated Short Film
“Watch My Six” was a holistic endeavor into voice over acting, sound mixing, script writing and hand drawn cel animation.
Many expressions in our society were created due to technology that is now outdated. While some persist despite being obsolete, others become extinct. With the world turning digital, how long will our analog terminology stay around? This video specifically looks at an analog clock face and the military term to “watch my six” or cover me from behind. The events are set in a digital future, while the main character grew up with old technology.   
Character Design

I wanted the characters to be simplistic but have obviously distinct characteristic to be able to differentiate on the scenes where they are shown drastically smaller.

There were several rounds of revisions and cuts to the video to make it more succinct and engaging. Each of the frames were drawn by hand with the still backgrounds drawn separately and added in post.

Final Frames