Youth Music Expo
Youth PLAY Expo was created as an opportunity for young classical musicians to collaborate, compete and explore the community of classical music.
The identity system utilizes a four-color system with bold line elements to illustrate eight different instruments. In addition, the system uses the tagline “sing, strum, play” to enforce the idea of exploration rather then just literal playing. The entire visual identity system is based on this idea of pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas.
Traditionally, advertisements for older music are treated coldly, often using deep oranges and maroons. My thesis was to create a more “kid friendly” approach toward the classics.
Each competitor, their guardian, and each employee of the conference would have their different colored badges to act as visual identification for the different events throughout the city.
Each competitor would be equip with a personalized QR code that would act as their ticket to all events. This code would be found on their ID Badge as well as their personalized app. The app would provide them with basic event information, coupons to sponsoring restaurants and an interactive map.