2015 through 2018
You can’t get more than one first impression. After feverishly brainstorming a way to leave a lasting impression on employers right out of school, it hit me to animate my resume. While it is now out of date, it’s a great time capsule of where I've been and how my skills have grown.
Character Design
Illustrating and animating yourself lets you ride this line between a parody of how you see yourself and how you want other people to see you. If you make a full character, you feel somewhat responsible to make it look realistic, warts and all, but also you have creative liberty and can make yourself look however you want. You could give yourself new glasses or knock off a few pounds, or simply get rid of your arms and torso all together.
The 'Lost' First Version
I was half finished with an earlier version, before experiencing an unexpected incident that wiped the past year work from existence. Version 1 was among the diseased.  So instead of delaying my job search, I developed a series of characters with less appendages to animate to speed up my work flow.