Clinical Trial Inequalities

Client   -  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Art Direction and Animation   -  Cory Sutter

The results of clinical trials have countless implications on the medical community, but more specifically the patients that rely on accurate data and information. However, the racial and age disparities of clinical trial patients can skew the findings from these trials, leading to unforeseen complications. Illustrating the institutional factors and system gaps was the goal of this project, led by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
CHAracter Design
The basis of this video was highlighting the discrepancies in patients who sign up for clinical trials, so it was important to show a wide variety of ages, races, genders, and abilities in the characters. Their faces and their emotions were the most important aspect of their character, so we chose to highlight those areas, over full bodied characters. The characters are just heads and shoulders, with the rare inclusion of hands, but their animated bounding shapes really accentuate their emotions and their place in each scene.
We follow the story of these 6 patients receiving treatment, but also have treatment be withheld. The more muted colors and simplistic vector style are extensions on the illustration brand we developed in 2021.