2018 Senior Exhibition, Branding, and Promotion Video
For the last four years, my gradating class has experienced a lot, both in and outside of the classroom. Our time as VCD students was built on creative ideas, printed on Fed Ex 40 lb paper, and stitched together with painters tape. Our styles were eclectic, our techniques were unorthodox, and out files were/are messy as humanly possible.
We didn’t deny any ideas. It wouldn’t be polished or pretty, but it would be ours. As an homage to the legendary printer scene in “Office Space” (and as a stress relief for the hundreds of dollars spent in critique prints over four years), we demolished a printer and used the footage as the events promos.
The full video was projected next to the shattered remains of the printer at the exhibition.
Music: “Oh No” by Girl Talk
Our show’s brand exploits the variance in file naming and variation in style by creating a system based on our creativity and uniqueness. Each person could customize their own file extension to be as messy, as organized, and as honest as they would want. This logo was simplified down to the shows title “Final_show/BFA” and then later simplified further to the icon “ _/. ” using symbols most commonly used in file names.
I created several short videos synced to popular meme music as well as created individual promos for each person out of their smashes.
Music: Various Selections from the album "All Day" by Girl Talk.
Our portraits reflected our varied personalities; budding professionals with no sense of professionalism (just_kidding/please_hire_us).
Photos taken by Myself.
Our exhibition was build with every person's ideas and individuality in mind. We plastered every inch of the walls and tables with projects from every medium and student. In addition, each student had their own section of wall for their own personal 'moodboard.'