IDB Group 2020 Institutional Strategy
Client -  IDB Group
Creative Development
 -  Duke & Duck
Creative Lead -  Alex Herder 
Art Direction and Illustration -  Cory Sutter
Animation -  Victor Verdugo, Cory Sutter
Production Manager -  Tarisa Shelton
Sound Design
 -  Chris Mastellone
Every 4 years, the Inter-American Development Group (The IDB Group) develops a comprehensive strategy for their group wide goals and promises. The objective of this video was to distill the finer points of the strategy update down into a high-level format to be shown both within and outside the organization. 
Art Direction & Character Design
As art director, my personal goal was to develop a visual style that could showcase the diversity of the all three branches that collectively make up the IDB Group in a simplistic and abstract capacity. I drew from the three logo colors and built several textures inspired by Latin American and Central American art and iconography. This video was meant to be featured in a variety of capacities (social media, monitors and tv displays, projected presentations, email newsletter, etc.)
As an assisting animator, I focused on the 20 unique characters and developed a series of universal movements that could be used by each character at any point in the piece. Emotionally, the characters needed to feel bright and youthful and exciting to match their bold and colorful style.