Mental Health IN
Minority Communities
Client  -  Cigna Insurance
Art Direction and Animation  -  Cory Sutter
In 2021 at Social Driver, I got the chance to helm a series of videos for Cigna Insurance. As my final video for the series, we focused on mental health within minorities communities. We chose a lower frame rate, limited monochromatic color palette, and hand drawn style to make the video feel personable and comfortable, but also evoke a sense of unease and desperation. 
To create a series of characters that looked consistent, but also  unique and hand drawn, I used simple character rigs to establish a skeleton and then proceeded to personalize each character to feel different through hand drawn animation.
Mental health can affect anyone regardless of circumstance, race, religion, gender, or sexuality. The characters were designed to be as simple as possible to make them identifiable for any person.