Frames of Fear: Monster Mash
Third Annual Community Animation Event and Branding
For the past three years, DC in Motion has been putting on animation collaboration events to foster a strong motion community in DC. I was honored to help create the concept for this years event, design the promotional material, and have my monster featured. 
Character Design
Several of my character designs were based off of deformed and root vegetables. I worked to incorporate the smooth, but knobby curves and shapes to create these adorable and unappealing characters. I ultimately ended up animating one for the final monster line up.
One month from Halloween, the DC in Motion board quickly deliberated whether or not we, and any local animators, could pull off an intimate animated exhibition/happy hour. 
My proposal was to have animators only submit loopable characters that we would place in a background scene with all of the other entires. Each animator then presented their monster and spoke on their techniques and style.
Ultimately we had over 35 people submit and over 80 people in attendance for our final All Hallows Eve Showing.