No Claus
for Concern
Holiday Season Short 2019
Created, & Animated  -  Cory Sutter
The Holidays have always been an odd spot for me since I was a kid. I was raised Jewish, but my grandfather was a semi-professional non-profit part-time Santa Claus. And when he passed away, my dad took up the mantle. So I never really knew where my festive allegiances were supposed to lie. I suppose we just celebrated everything to cover all of our bases.
Growing up surrounded by Santa, and knowing it is my legacy to once day put on the red hat, I wanted to make a more cartoon-like character. I wanted to build something simple, with exaggerated proportions that felt huggable and cute, but awkward and uncomfortable.
Around November 2019, I had started playing around with some holiday character designs and then had the funny idea of Santa Claus busting into someone’s house, only to find out that they were Jewish. 
It was a short, fun project to occupy my time before the holidays and play with composing an animation to play on instagram stories. Instagram stories have a limitation of 15 seconds, so I had to pre-plan my scenes to make sure that the cuts from clip to clip were deliberate.