Vote for 2020
Political Advocacy Animation

Written, Designed, Animated & Narrated   - ​​​​​​​ Cory Sutter
Halfway through an emotionally charged 2020, I felt responsible to do more with my time. I decided to do what I could to prevent a second term for Donald Trump by making an independent video centralizing several overlooked points on why you should vote blue and vote Biden.
Nailing down the specifics proved to be the biggest challenge. Everyday of 2020 felt like a new headline. Predicting what would be most important in November for voters and writing a script was next to impossible.
Character Design
I believed the best way to make my characters easily recognizable was through collage and found imagery. I left the characters body’s as simple masked shapes to let their large heads and hand drawn exaggerated facial expressions take charge.
It was important that this video was populated with more than just Donald Trump and Joe Biden. With the Supreme Court originally being a voting consideration of the 2020 election, it was important to include all nine Supreme Court Justices, as well as Hillary Clinton.
Initially, Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s "retirement on the beach" was the levity highlight of the video. However, a week into production, she sadly passed away. I quickly reworked the video to pay honor to her and still release on time.